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Juzo Suzuya VOICE. Maxey Whitehead. Rie Kugimiya. Latest News. South Park To Get 14 Movies and Renewed For 5 Seasons Night of the Animated Dead Release Date Life is Strange: True Colors Welcome Trailer LEGO Star Wars Halloween Special Voice Cast New Digimon Ghost Game Series Is Coming Original Evangelion English Voice Actors Return for Amazon Dub Rie Kugimiya, Actress: Gekijouban Fairy Tail: Houou no miko. Rie Kugimiya was born on May 30, 1979 in Kumamoto, Japan. She is known for her work on Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix (2012), Munemoshune no musume tachi (2008) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009) Rie KUGIMIYA Rie KUGIMIYA is best known for voice acting Juuzou SUZUYA from Tokyo Ghoul, Louise Francoise LE BLANC DE LA VALLIERE from The Familiar of Zero, Happy from Fairy Tail, Alphonse ELRIC from Fullmetal Alchemist, and Taiga AISAKA from Toradora!

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Read more information about the character Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul? At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more Juuzou Suzuya (鈴屋 什造, Suzuya Jūzō) is a Special Class Ghoul Investigator. In the past, he went by the name Rei Suzuya (鈴屋 玲, Suzuya Rei ). He was first partnered with Yukinori Shinohara, and is now currently the leader of Suzuya Squad . He was first assigned to the 20th ward and was responsible for the investigation of the Binge. Edit: how the HECK did this video hit 100K+ views ????? Thank you ?? Tokyo has become a cruel and merciless city—a place where vicious creatures called ghouls exist alongside humans. The citizens of this once great metropoli.. Why should I apologize for being a monster? Has anyone ever apologized for turning me into one? If an angelic being fell from the sky and tried to live in this world of ours, I think even they would commit many wrongs. Now then, shall we play a game of chef? I'll be the chef and you're the pig. Try not to hate me too much, okay? How about preten..

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  1. He once went by the name of Rei Suzuya (鈴屋 玲, Suzuya Rei) in the past but changed it over time. He's now a member of the CCG and has become a rather infamous member of the organization. In the Japanese version, he was voiced by Rie Kugimiya. In the English version, he was voiced by Maxey Whitehead
  2. Tribute To Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo GhoulCredits To OR3O★ For Cover..
  3. Rie Kugimiya (釘宮 理恵, Kugimiya Rie, born May 30, 1979) is a Japanese voice actress and singer. She is best known for her voice performances in anime, which include Alphonse Elric in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, Kiana in Honkai Impact 3rd, Kagura in Gin Tama, and Happy in Fairy Tail and Edens Zero. Because of her roles for characters such as Shana in Shakugan no Shana, Louise in The.
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  5. voiced by Christopher Sabat and 2 others. Ayato Kirishima. voiced by Todd Haberkorn and 2 others. Enji Koma. voiced by Tyson Rinehart and 1 other. Kaya Irimi. voiced by Morgan Mabry and 1 other. Yoriko Kosaka. voiced by Jad Saxton and 1 other
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  7. Tokyo Ghoul (TV Mini Series 2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more

Looking for information on Rie Kugimiya? On MyAnimeList you can learn more about their role in the anime and manga industry. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more Joker juuzou suzuya 鈴屋 什造 suzuya jūzō is a special class ghoul investigator. The second season titled tokyo ghoul a 東京喰種 トーキョーグール a tōkyō gūru a began airing on january 9 2015 unlike the first season which followed the original manga the second season was advertised as an. Myanimelist is the largest online. Maxey Whitehead (born June 15, 1981) is an American voice actress who provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime films at Funimation.She is generally cast as young boys or young girls; her most notable roles are as Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Dende from Dragon Ball Z Kai, Czeslaw Meyer from Baccano!, and Crona from Soul Eate

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At myanimelist you can find out about their voice actors animeography pictures and much more. Joker juuzou suzuya 鈴屋 什造 suzuya jūzō is a special class ghoul investigator. He is currently assigned to the 13th ward and Juzo Suzuya (鈴屋 什造, Suzuya Jūzō) ist ein Erster Fahnder des CCG. Früher lebte er unter dem Namen Rei Suzuya (鈴屋 玲,Suzuya Rei) (sein Geburtsname). Sein erster Partner war Yukinori Shinohara. Momentan ist er der Leiter des Team Suzuya. Er wurde von einer Ghula als Schlächter großgezogen. Er wurde zuerst dem 20. Bezirk zugeordnet und war für die Ermittlung von dem Vielfraß.

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  1. Maxey WHITEHEAD is best known for voice acting Juuzou SUZUYA from Tokyo Ghoul, Rin MATSUOKA from Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club , Dende from Dragon Ball Z , Alphonse ELRIC from Fullmetal Alchemist , and Crona from Soul Eater
  2. Looking for information on Maxey Whitehead? On MyAnimeList you can learn more about their role in the anime and manga industry. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more
  3. Suzuya Juuzou. 27,359 likes · 14 talking about this. A human raised by ghoul Status :Alive Age: 23 Birthday :June 8th Height: 160 cm Weight: 48 kg Affiliations: CCG Blood Type: A
  4. Anime voice actor & seiyuu comparison Interesting Matchups MyAnimeList.net. If something is broken or wrong, email me at avac@wallhaven.cc or hit me up on Twitter: @AksumkA. Bleach ブリーチ. The Past. Japanese English Korean German Spanish French Brazilian Hungarian.
  5. Denisse LEGUIZAMO is best known for voice acting Juuzou SUZUYA from Tokyo Ghoul. I this person. Known for. Juuzou SUZUYA. Voice Actor. Brita. Voice Actor. sort. Voice Actor. Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season. TV (12 eps) 2018; Juuzou SUZUYA: Overlord III. TV (13 eps) 2018; Brita: 0 comments; Leave a comment; You must be logged in to leave comments.

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In the first character popularity poll, Uta was ranked fourth. [6], When Kaneki was taken to Helter Skelter, the bar the Itori owns, Uta was there as well. Itori has noted that it is only through Yomo's guidance and support that Uta can open himself to change and new possibilities. Before engaging him, Uta came to Donato's defence and gleefully began fighting against his former friend. Uta. Media • Characters • Administrators • Recent Changes • New Photos • New Pages • Help Welcome to the Tokyo Ghoul Wiki, a Wiki dedicated to everything about the series Tokyo Ghoul that anyone can edit. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles! We currently have 486,701 edits to 1,151 articles and 5,384 images on this wiki. Back then, what I really resented was my. Rather than a character's tattoo, however, it is inspired by Juuzou Suzuya's stitching all over his body. The red stitching, a form of body modification, covers most of his body and snakes around both of his arms in a swirling pattern. Even though the tattoo is done in black ink instead of red, it's reminiscent of the CCG's Jason. 7 Queen Et

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Check out which anime shares the same voice cast! Anime voice actor & seiyuu comparison Suzuya, Juuzou Tokyo Ghoul. Taiki Juuni Kokuki. Tarantula Panther Cutie Honey Universe. Teto No Game No Life. Tou DD Hokuto no Ken (2013) Trinity, Nena Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Tsukuyomi Mahou Sensei Negima! Mou Hitotsu no Seka The character Juuzou SUZUYA is from an anime that you've watched? If so, feel free to add images for this character to our ever-growing screenshot database. Sometimes a few screenshots can tell visitors more than a thousand words ever could. To add images simply use our entry form Like her voice, facial features, clothes style (Okay let's be real both crazy boys and girls would wear that outfit), The reason Juuzou's voice and physically appearance is youthful & androgynous is his mother basically ruined testosterone production in his body. Testosterone is what causes the body to mature (deepening voice, more masculine. Rie Kugimiya (釘宮 理恵 Kugimiya Rie, born May 30, 1979) is a Japanese voice actress from Osaka, Japan. She began her career as a seiyū in 1998. She has been featured as Tsundere protagonists such as Taiga Aisaka in Toradora! (for which she won the Best Actress award at the Seiyū Awards), Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière in The Familiar of Zero and Shana in Shakugan no Shana. Top 10 Characters (Male) 10. Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul √A. Voice Actress: Rie Kugimiya ( Toradora 's Taiga Aisaka) Week 6 #10. Week 7 #8. 9. Decim from Death Parade. Voice Actor: Tomoaki Maeno ( Log Horizon 's Naotsugu

Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Two years have passed since the CCG's raid on Anteiku. Although the atmosphere in Tokyo has changed drastically due to the increased influence of the CCG, ghouls continue to pose a problem as they have begun taking caution, especially the terrorist organization. Junichi Suwabe Voice Actor Juuzou Suzuya Tokyo Ghoul Wiki Fandom Powered By Wikia No Guns Life Rabujoi An Anime Blog Rasutomoku Anime News Anime No Guns Life Tv No Guns Life Tv Anime Confirmed Staff Announced News Crunchyroll Tv Anime No Guns Life Starts Firing Away In Qoo News Tv Anime No Guns Life Reveals Pv And Announces. He first uploaded to YouTube on August 7, 2015, with a tribute video titled Suzuya Juuzou AMV - Bulletproof. Trivia. He is a voice actor, and voices Philip on the Japanese anime series Sirius the Jaeger. Family Life. His real name is Joel Gómez. He began dating Helemlove in 2018. Associated Wit Black Clover Yuno Voice Actor other Animes for all those who enjoyed his performance in black clover and would like to enjoy more of is performance. This list will not be his entire work, rather it will be his most popular performance. Before we get to the list let me first tell you who Black Clover Yuno voice actor is first Big Madam (ビッグマダム, Biggu Madamu) was a powerful and influential Ghoul, with an extensive black market network. In the past, Big Madam raised Juuzou Suzuya as a human pet and subjected him to extensive abuse. Nutcracker was believed to be one of their employees, and was considered a major target by CCG. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Plot 3.1 Background 3.2 Auction 4 Relationships 4.

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Rie Kugimiya is a Japanese singer and voice actress affiliated with I'm Enterprise. Some of Kugimiya's most prominent roles include Alphonse Elric in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, Kagura in Gin Tama, and Happy in Fairy Tail Voice Actress, Singer. External Links. Official Website. Blog. Rie Kugimiya is the voice actress for the idol Iori Minase . Rie has also voiced other characters in THE iDOLM@STER series such as: Ogawa-san, the owner of a shop near the 765 Production building in the 2011 anime, Vacation For You!, and MASTER LIVE 02

Juuzou Suzuya y tú. Escribí este libro hace 500 años, por favor ten en cuenta que era mi época de cringe. Eres fanática de los ghouls, y, aunque no quisieras ser comida por uno, por ende, te gustaría entrar a la CCG, y mejor aún, conocer a ese agente tan peculiar del que algunos hablan, ese tal Juuzou Suzuya Juuzou asked, his voice laced with excitement. Takizawa glanced at his calendar. Suzuya Juuzou/Takizawa Seidou (20) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (75) Fluff (63) Alternate Universe (43) Violence (36) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (36) Hurt/Comfort (32 2 new entries and 2 characters remaining in their ranking throne! This is Anime Trending's Top Character Poll and here we present you the results for Week 6! Rankings from the previous weeks: Week 4 | Week 5. To vote for the character poll, click here or if you want to vote for the theme song poll, click here.Also, don't forget to participate in the Winter 2015 Anime Poll for Week 5 here

give award. Fun map for brawlers with high mobility by AidenGamingYT in Brawlstars. [-] Juuzou_Suzuya_xD. 1 point. 2 points. 3 points. 1 year ago. (0 children) this map would never go to the game, since characters like mortis wouldn't be able to damage anyone in a showdown for example Abara Hanbee/Suzuya Juuzou; Suzuya Juuzou; Abara Hanbee; Summary. Hanbee was struggling to stay quiet for once. And at a place where silence was expected no less! It wasn't odd for Juuzou to occasionally want to head into the city, he enjoyed his shopping and nights out Good Girl by Endless_Zero. Nanako is a young omega girl with a past similar to Juuzou's. When the alpha rescues her at the auction after defeating Big Madam, both of their worlds change forever. Juuzou has come a long way from the person he used to be, but he feels his sanity slipping when it comes to Nanako Read Chapter 8- part one of two (yea im despicable with updates) from the story A Peculiar Situation ( a Juuzou Suzuya X Reader fanfic) by babysmooch6966 (Bria..

Juuzou: Yup! I'm Juuzou Suzuya I like your f/c stitches they look like mine 3. Juuzou showed you his arm and you smiled then looked at his hair +. You: you have nice hair for a boy +. Juuzou: you can tell I'm a boy? yay!! Mr. Shinohara can we keep her!!? 5. Shinohara: Y/n is going to be living with us + Violence. Summary. Hana Amuro lands herself a new job working as an Assistant for the strange and eccentric Ghoul Investigator Juzouu Suzuya. Her life is about to be turned upside down as she enters his world of violence, sadness and mystery Thanking you his trademark sing-sang voice, the stitched male flashed you one of his brightest smiles before turning all of his attention back to the gift, immediately starting to unwrap it. You watched Juuzou in anticipation as he removed the colourful ribbons which decorated the box, agog to see his reaction to your present

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Sometimes it is inevitable that strange things happen to you. You know, those kinds of things like seeing a man running naked in the middle of the street, or surprising your grumpy neighbor from a lifetime singing romantic songs in the bathroom. Even those little things like not finding the keys and assuming all the blame is on an evil spirit who particularly loves to fuck your life CURIOSITIES * You remembered the first closest experience with death. [According to the story] If you are confused, the first part, where it is a narration of the past, a memory. * Quinques are weapons that are created from the kakuhou extracted from a ghoul within a layer of quinque steel. It can be made based on models of weapons such as axes, pistols, daggers, shields or swords, but still. (So just warning you now this might turn out shit I don't know, it's gonna be a Juuzou x Obsessive!Reader. By the way this is gonna be about unrequited love prepare yourselves.)You have been working for the CCG for quite a long time. In fact years, you knew after about a week into the job it wasn't what you wanted to be. You were willing to throw all that training away, all that pent u.. MyFigureCollection.net - Tsuki-board.net - My figurine collection (Anime, manga and video games figures, goods, CDs and artbooks from Japan

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The Movie known in Japan as Gintama. Hiroyuki Yoshino 吉野 裕行 Yoshino Hiroyuki born February 6 1974 is a Japanese voice actor and singer affiliated with Sigma Seven. His voice range is hilarious and in my opinion nice to listen to. Genesis and Galina in Yatterman Night. Luci Christian is the English dub voice of Kagura in Gintama Tokyo Ghoul: re (東京喰種:re) is an anime based on the homonymous manga created by Sui Ishida, it is the sequel to Tokyo Ghoul. It aired from April 3 to December 25, 2018, has two seasons of 12 episodes each. 1 Cast 1.1 Additional Voices 2 Video Releases 3 See Also 4 External Links Tokyo GhoulTokyo Ghoul: re (anime) at Anime News Network's encyclopedia Tokyo Ghoul: re at the Internet Movie. OMG Christmas is ALMOST HERE! Here is a special Christmas chapter, and keep in mind that this is ALL during Winter Break! Thanks! Btw I am so sorry this chapter might sound lame. I didn't really have any ideas.~~~~~The First Day Of Christmas Break~ After the 'Candy Store Incident', I was feeling better... and now it's Christmas break! No school for weeks Nov 10, 2018 - Explore Castiel's board Tokyo Ghoul, followed by 157 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about tokyo ghoul, ghoul, tokyo

Details File Size: 1335KB Duration: 2.100 sec Dimensions: 498x278 Created: 11/1/2019, 9:06:24 A 999115365 / 990410551 / 998227827 / 947131131. Home; Paquetes. Viajes a Asia 2020; Viajes por Año Nuevo 2019 - 2020; Viajes Confirmados 202

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The voice actor seems to be female, though. Tokyo Ghoul does this occasionally with Juuzou Suzuya who was raised as a girl by his ghoul mom to the point of castration so he wouldn't grow up to be manly, and is androgynous enough that characters are confused as to which gender Suzuya is. In an omake Hanbee pictures Suzuya as wearing a wedding. Pascale CHEMIN is best known for voice acting Juuzou SUZUYA from Tokyo Ghoul and Touka KIRISHIMA from Tokyo Ghoul. I this person. Known for. Touka KIRISHIMA. Voice Actor. Juuzou SUZUYA. Voice Actor. Adelishia. Voice Actor. sort. Voice Actor. Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season. TV (12 eps) 2018 Juuzou SUZUYA. Voice Actor. sort. Voice Actor. Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season. TV (12 eps) 2018; Juuzou SUZUYA: 0 comments; Leave a comment; You must be logged in to leave comments. Login or sign up today! There are no comments - leave one to be the first Juuzou Suzuya (voice) 12 Episodes. Toru Okawa. Kureo Mado (voice) 12 Episodes. View More . Full Cast & Crew. Last Season. Original Air Date; Original Air Date; Chronological Order (Absolute) Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season 2018 | 12 Episodes. Season 4 of Tokyo Ghoul premiered on October 9, 2018..

Here you can find a list of all currently known voice actors and their respective roles in the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2. If you know of any more voice actors who worked on Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2, feel free to add them to our database via our entry form Tokyo Ghoul ( Juuzou Suzuya) Anime Trinity Seven ( Sora) Anime Witch Craft Works ( Chronoire Schwarz VI) Anime World Trigger ( Kirie Konami) Anime 2013. Battle Spirits: Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero ( Rikuto April) Anime Dokidoki! PreCure ( Aguri Madoka / Cure Ace) Anime It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular! ( Kii) Anime Puchimas Actors (10) Natsuki Hanae Ken Kaneki (voice) Sora Amamiya Tôka Kirishima (voice) Suzuya Juuzou (voice) Toru Okawa Mado Kureo (voice) Toshiyuki Toyonaga Nagachika Hideyoshi (voice) left right. For 10 years of existence, BetaSeries has become your best ally for TV shows: manage your calendar, share your latest episodes watched and discover. Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種) is a 2014 anime adaption of the manga series created by Sui Ishida. The anime was created by Pierrot, directed by Shuhei Morita, written by Chūji Mikasan, and has music by Yutaka Yamada. Tokyo Ghoul is licensed by Madman Entertainment in Australia, FUNimation Entertainment in North America, and Anime Limited in the United Kingdom. It began airing on Tokyo MX and ran.

OK so if you have read Tokyo ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re you will notice on thing and that is the tragedy that is associated with most of the characters. i will now briefly explain each and every tragedy that each character has gone through so SPOILE.. Rie Kugimiya (born May 30, 1979 in Osaka, Japan) is a woman very well known for Tsundere roles, more so if the said character is short, tyrannical, and has a flat chest. Fans started noticing her after she did Alphonse Elric, but her role as Shana is what made her popularity skyrocket. Like Norio Wakamoto, Rie is also capable of voicing a lot.

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Juuzou Suzuya Tokyo Ghoul. 2014. Angela Balzac Rakuen Tsuiho: Expelled from paradise. 2014. Sena Kuroi The Comic Artist and His Assistants. 2014. Nora Noragami. 2014. Sora Trinity Seven. 2014. Teto No Game, No Life. 2014. Kirie Konami World Trigger. 2014. Aguri Madoka / Cure Ace Dokidoki! PreCure. 2013. Satoru Wamiya RDG Red Data Girl. 2013. Io. Big Madam was first introduced during Tokyo Ghoul's auction arc and it was revealed that she was the one who raised Juuzou Suzuya as a human pet, and she tortured him greatly. During CCG's raid on the auction house, she was one of the main targets of the organization because she was running from CCG for quite some time The Best Way To Murder (Suzuya Juuzou) Fanfiction. There are many ways you can kill someone. You can cut them in pieces, you can hang them up, you can stick a knife through their hearts, you can put a bullet through their heads. Humans and ghouls are as fragile as flowers

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Juuzou Suzuya Tokyo Ghoul. 2014. Angela Balzac Rakuen Tsuiho: Expelled from paradise. 2014. Sena Kuroi The Comic Artist and His Assistants. 2014. Aguri Madoka / Cure Ace Dokidoki! PreCure. 2013. Satoru Wamiya RDG Red Data Girl. 2013. Io Puchimas! Petit Idolmaster. 2013. Rikuto April Battle Spirits: Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero. 2013. Kii It's. Mar 3, 2019 - Images of the voice actors for all the different anime series. See more ideas about voice actor, anime, the voice. Manga Anime Otaku Anime Juuzou Tokyo Ghoul Juuzou Suzuya Totoro Collateral Beauty Accel World Kaichou Wa Maid Sama Another Anime. Anime facts seiyuu This Pin was discovered by may my. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Of the 111969 characters on Anime Characters Database, 70 are from the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season Shattered: a Suzuya Juuzou x Reader Fanfiction You were my light. The thing guiding me through the darkness. I was scared, and wanted to give up. Then I found you, and I could see again. I could see color for the first time in a while. I forgot color existed until you came along. That's what... #juuzou #juuzousuzuya #reader #suzuya #.

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Juuzou Suzuya dressed as Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer. Fan Art . Close. 37. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. The same Voice Actor as Kaneki. 1. share. Report Save. View Entire Discussion (5 Comments) More posts from the TokyoGhoul community. 455. Posted by 17 days ago. Fan Art . A quick Kaneki sketch EZcosplay.com offer finest quality Tokyo Ghoul: re Tokyo Guru Juuzou Suzuya Cosplay Costume and other related cosplay accessories in low price. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-ship them anywhere in t Good luck, Suzuya-kun. A shiver went down my back as his voice, coated with barely hidden hate, left his lips as the words struck the calm-looking student. Yet the teacher lost all attention over the white-haired teen as the young man didn't provide him any reaction worthy of retaliation, soon forcing the bald man back to his task

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1x01 (1) TragedyTV-MA. 1x01. (1) Tragedy. Amid news reports of Ghoul attacks nearby, Ken Kaneki points out Rize, a girl he is interested in, to his friend Hide at a local coffee shop. When Kaneki discovers the two share a favorite author, he asks her out. However, their date ends in tragedy The fans pick: Juuzou Suzuya . 71%. 29%. Hide or Juuzou. The fans pick: Juuzou. Juuzou: 67%. Hide: 33%. Which Voice Actor was/is better as Kaneki . Tied! 50%. 50%. Do you think Austin Tindle was/is good as Kaneki . The fans pick: Yes. 100%. 0%. Yamori or Naki. The fans pick: Naki. Naki: 100%. Yamori : 0% Actors. Season Regulars . 10 Natsuki Hanae Ken Kaneki (voice) Sora Amamiya Touka Kirishima (voice) Shintaro Asanuma Nishiki Nishio (voice) Takahiro Sakurai Uta (voice) Sumire Morohoshi Kana Hanazawa Rize Kamishiro (voice) Rie Kugimiya Juuzou Suzuya (voice) Toru Okawa Kureo Mado (voice) Toshiyuki Toyonaga Hideyoshi Nagachika (voice. Unique Tokyo Ghoul Arima stickers featuring millions of original designs created and sold by independent artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. White or transparent. 4 sizes available Aug 11, 2016 - Explore Layla's board Fan Fiction on Pinterest. See more ideas about fiction, anime, diabolik lovers

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#tokyo ghoul #suzuya juuzou #tokyo ghoul route A #juuzo #stitching #creepy yet beautiful #tg #ongoing #anime #gif #queue #gifs. 121 notes. chibi-yuma-kuga. Follow. this walking animation is beautiful. #tg #tokyo ghoul route a #tgra #tgra spoilers #tokyo ghoul #gif #tally please look. 4,177 notes Original Tokyo Ghoul Manga hats and caps designed and sold by artists. Dad hats and baseball caps with adjustable snapback and buckle closures to fit men's and women's heads

tokyo ghoul Suzuya | Juuzou suzuya, Tokyo ghoul, GhoulPin by Amanda Moyers on anime (With images) | Tokyo ghoulJuzo Suzuya Voice - Tokyo Ghoul: Jail (Game) | Behind TheTokyo Ghoul: Suzuya Juuzou by monochromevoicestory onJuuzou and Kaneki (They looks like brothers) @daraensuzuya